Mail-in ballots lead to more voter fraud


Editor’s note: The following is in response to this letter to the editor published in the Wednesday, June 24 edition of the News-Telegram.

Dear Editor:

The piece [Letter to the Editor published Wednesday, July 24] states a very moving concern about the COVID-19 problem, especially in the state of Texas. It mentions that Texas is not all that concerned about its citizens and not taking the coronavirus seriously and, therefore, leads the nation in coronavirus cases. It emphasized that the Texas government had struck down any general stay-at-home orders and left the issue up to the mayors in their respective areas.

The readers are aware that some states like Illinois are sending mail ballots out to more than 5 million residents who voted in some past election and anyone who registered to vote or updated their home address since the primary. The writer states that he checked the mail-in ballot law and said the state has the power to mail ballot applications to every resident over age 65. He said that [Rains County officials stated that] in-person voting could be safely done by providing hand sanitizer and wiping all equipment down. The writer claims the state insists that everyday Texans expose themselves and their families to COVID-19 for the sake of economy when its leadership does not have to take the same risks. He assumes that if the right decision is made, it will save lives. That assumption is, of course, to use mail-in ballots.

In a perfect world, this choice would be great or maybe just make a phone call stating your choices. But this is not a perfect world. Mail-in ballots have a nasty habit of being sent to people who have died long ago, moved away, are not citizens or not really eligible to receive them. I see articles where a locality of, say, 40,000 people with, say, 30,000 registered to vote produce 50,000 votes on election night. Judicial Watch, Inc. sues states that have not updated or refuse to clean up their voter polls for years, and they [the states] mail out ballots based on those incorrect rolls. The military overseas votes are mail-in ballots, and somehow millions of votes over the years are lost. The Democrat party loves to claim that voter fraud is a rare happening. I beg to differ. I happens all too frequently, and it decides elections!

I, too, served my time in Vietnam and never had a team member injured, wounded or killed, and all our work was done outside the base perimeters, installing enemy intrusion devices. Common sense prevailed. I am now military retired with 38 years of service, get involved with all veteran activities and find time to do my civic duties as a poll worker and a poll election judge.

This upcoming election for president of the United States is far too important to leave it to chance. The shopping malls are again filling with people, restaurants frequented, and people are in the streets once again. The idea that the coronavirus is so terrible, that we should remain hidden in our homes is a great reason for mail-in ballots and risk another pandemic of voter fraud cases. Mailed ballots do not show proof of citizenship or even ballot ownership. How many hundreds upon hundreds arrive with the same handwriting, the same name and even the same address. Even the public library address is used as a home address.

We have seen how peaceful demonstrators have quickly turned into looters, arsonists, rioters and destructors. All with no opposition from the police, mayor or the state governors. Now, the new epidemic is to destroy statues, deface churches and demand that the police be defunded or done away with, all in the name of the BLM movement. Are the readers aware that the BLM movement is controlled by trained Marxists? This was admitted by its cofounder [as reported by Breitbart on Wednesday, July 24]. Should the police really be abolished, leave the citizens to protect themselves?

George Soros owns the ANTIFA moment and the funds donated to the BLM movement go towards the Democratic party. Is that a neat arrangement or what? Hank Newsome, movement leader, states, “Give us what we want or we burn American down” [sic]. Is that something to look forward to? The Democratic leadership stands back and watches for the next move from the Right, but it does nothing. This is a sample of what to expect from Leftist, Marxist, Democratic leadership. Our voting choice is clear. Do we have law and order or mob rule? The Democrat line is win by any means necessary! The choice is ours.

Art Romanat

Sulphur Springs