City of Cumby to turn over financial audit to law enforcement


Council did not say what audit contains


After a nearly three-hour closed session on Tuesday evening, the city of Cumby council voted unanimously to turn their forensic financial audit over to law enforcement, although they did not state the content of the audit. 

The council convened at 6 p.m. on July 28 and immediately went into executive session. Members Mayor Doug Simmerman and council members Guy Butler, Betty McCarter and Julie Isham Morris were present in the session. 

After emerging at 8:49 p.m., the council unanimously accepted the results of the forensic audit, and unanimously took action for Simmerman to release the results of the audit to law enforcement. 

The council did not state which law enforcement agency Simmerman will work with. Cumby municipal judge Lana Adams previously stated during the June council meeting she had been “working with” Texas Ranger John Vance and “have found many things that were not done legally or properly.”

The council also did not state the content of the audit, or by what date Simmerman will deliver the audit to law enforcement. 

*An earlier version of this story did not include McCarter's name. The story has been updated to reflect these changes.