County Records for Aug. 8, 2020


Where a specific tract is not mentioned, a survey was not listed on the deed.

Wayne Cooper to Charles Keith Shurtleff

Leobardo Alvarez Torres and Graciela Elizalde Rodriguez, also known as Graciela Elizalde Torres, to Gregg Wright; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Cornerstone Family Homes Inc. to 100 MPH+ Property Management LLC; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey

Norris English to Kindell L. Frazelle and Joshua Frazelle; tract in the Santos Coy survey

Everett Jennings to Jameison C. Hawkins

Diana L. Williamson to Diana L. Williamson

Diana Lynn Williamson to Diana L. Williamson

Josephine Cabreros to Josephine Cabreros Living Trust

XR4 Innovations LLC to Michael Ross

Jerry McGee to Michael David Stern

Truman Wilkerson to SPNR Equities Corp.

John Heilman to Jana Dodd

High Point Estates to John Mark Meadows and Kaytlin Ford Meadows; tract in the Santos Coy survey

Brian Shurtleff and Ricki Shurtleff to Steven Michael Daehn II and Baylee Payge Daehn; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Kelly Jack Broyles and Lynda Gayle Broyles to Bryan Richardson Barnes and Kimberlee Anne Barnes; tract in the W. M. Moore survey

Johnny M. Wetzel and Judy K. Wetzel to Roy Wetzel and Deborah Wetzel; tract in the M. Coker survey

Ronny Hugh Stinson and Beverly June Stinson to Kevin Dunnihoo and Tammie Dunnihoo; tract in the George C. Roberts survey

Coy Johnson to Wayne W. Wible Jr. and Kimberly S. Wible; tract in the Jason Clark survey

Gregory Randall Anglin, also known as Greg Anglin, and Courtney Anglin to Steven Allen Andrews and Brandie L. Andrews; tract in the John V. Downing survey

Hayley K. McKinney to Oscar Alejandro Martinez-Mejia

Christopher J. Stevens to Bulkley Properties LLC

Gabriel Reese Hurley to Michael J. Beacom Antoon Jacobs to Paul Jacobs

Glade Creek Partners to Cindia Selena Hernandez

Rosemary Nash to Donna Nash Dempsey, Briana Nicole Walker and Ashley Danielle Walker; tract on Fuller Street

James Ronald Peek and Margie Lynn Peek to Suzette Jenkins and Vickie Lynn Felipe; tract in the Hayden Arnold survey

Steven Lloyd Jarvis and Lynn Celeste Jarvis to Bennett K. Gardner and Beverlea S. Gardner; tract in the Jonas Haile survey

Logan Caddell and Brandi Caddell to Steven McKinney and Hayley McKinney; tract in the H. Moses survey

Kelly J. Broyles and Lynda G. Broyles to Richard Anthony Walsh and Mary Elizabeth Walsh; tract in the W. M. Moore survey

Cindy Dodd to Ramon Corona and Marlen Corona; tract in the F. Carroll survey

Mark D. Hill and Jennifer Hill to Troy Lopez and Kristi Lopez; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey

William Dean and Lindsay Dean to Ricky Dean Steele and Mary Ellen Steele; tract in the A. J. Kinney survey

Talley Cody and Kady Talley to Deborah Hudson; tract in the H. D. Parson survey

Robert Brown and Amanda Brown to Robert Vanwinkle Jr. and Joyce Vanwinkle; tract in the Santos Coy survey

Becca L. Stout and Justin Stout to Betty Jo Laplume; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Betty R. Clegg to Neil Tate Price and Kobie Renea Price; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Michael Ryan McKenzie to Norma Jean Meltsakos

James Lonzo Edwards to Tony Farmer

Bryan Lee Kipp to Bryan Lee Kipp Co-Trustee

Marcos Mejia to Walt Gamblin

Kimberly Ewalt to Amy Elizabeth Daniel

Tom F. Washington Jr. to Floyd T. Underwood

Philip H. White to Kason Childress


Caleb Wade Allen and Taylur Alexis R. Hubbard

Dustin Clay Hansford and Kendall Pauline Eckert

John Vernon Strait and Veronica Mason Mason

Shawn Dale Paris and Terra Ann Myers

Tyler Christian Haney and Allison Marie James

Eric Paul Ditto and Jenna Machelle Morrison

Steven Lee Futch and Shelley Carol Rucker

Ryan McKenzie Pulled and Cara Glory Ford

Mike Lageschaar and Sarah Victoria Hawbaker

Robert Gerald Weems and Ruth Ann Lewis

Oscar L. Hidalgo and Liliana Sanchez Hernandez

Erik Abrego Osornio and Diana Laura Ordaz Soriano