THE LATEST: Suspect detained after high speed chase

  • Jordan Cockrm courtesy HCSO
    Jordan Cockrm courtesy HCSO

19-year-old Arkansas man arrested


Cumby police, with assistance from Hopkins County Sheriff’s deputies, Hunt County Sheriff’s deputies and Royse City police arrested a 19-year-old Arkansas man after a chase that exceeded 100 mph, according police reports. 

At approximately 10:01 a.m., Steward observed a blue Chrysler 200 traveling westbound on the FM 499 overpass at a high rate of speed according to reports. 

“I clocked him on radar at 100 [mph],” Steward said. Steward initiated a stop on the Chrysler near the 107 mile marker of Interstate 30, reports stated. Steward had the driver, Jordan Cockrm, 19, of Arkansas, exit the vehicle due to “a reasonable suspicion that there [was] criminal activity going on,” Steward said. 

After gaining consent from Cockrm to search the vehicle, Steward located a fanny pack behind the rear passenger seat, which he then carried to the vehicle’s trunk area, reports said. 

Steward alleges he found a hammerless snub-nosed revolver pistol inside the fanny pack. 

At this point, Steward said, he re-zipped the fanny pack and tossed it into the ditch. He then went to detain Cockrm for officer safety. 

“He starts resisting,” Steward said. “I get one cuff on, but he gets shoved in between me and the car fender while I’m trying to get compliance trying to get the other handcuff on him. I’m not able to and he breaks free.” 

Cockrm then ran to the ditch to retrieve the fanny pack with the revolver, Steward said. 

“He swings it [the fanny pack] because I’m still trying to grab him, strikes me across the face, jumps in the car and pursuits on,” Steward stated. 

At approximately 10:10 a.m. Steward radioed for help to Hopkins County Emergency Management, stating there was a case of resisting arrest with a subject westbound toward Hunt County. “Be advised,” he told dispatchers, “Subject has a handgun in the car.” 

The pursuit was ongoing until approximately 10:22 a.m., according to 911 dispatch. A Department of Public Safety helicopter was called in, dispatchers said, and Hunt County deputies laid down traffic safety road spikes near the Lamar Street exit. 

However, Steward said, Cockrm avoided the spikes by exiting to Royse City. At that time, Steward said, Cockrm T-boned a tractor-trailer and fled on foot into the Royse City Wal-Mart. 

The Wal-Mart was evacuated and put on lock-down by multiple agencies, Steward said. K9 on scene was useful in assisting law enforcement in locating Cochran, who police allegedly found hiding under a shelf. 

Once Cockrm was found, Steward said, he no longer put up a fight. 

“He [Cochran] was commanded to come out hands up and he was apprehended,” Steward said. 

By 10:28 a.m. the pursuit had ended, according to 911 dispatch.

Steward said that he felt that Cockrm’s actions were very dangerous considering the amount of people who were involved in the pursuit. 

“He did put himself and others in danger driving at the speeds we were…At one point there were some construction workers on the shoulder where he was driving. He went through a bunch of orange barrels,” Steward said. “We are always trained not to put our gun side towards a suspect, so I always had my gun side towards the ditch as I was trying to make him comply… I’m just glad nobody was hurt.” 

“Being a small department our hand-held radios don’t get out very easily. Being in highway traffic, you can’t hear very well. I’m just glad the call got out when it did to let them know he was resisting,” Steward said. “Seven years experience and training pays off.” 

Cockrm is charged with resisting arrest, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest with a motor vehicle, according to records. He remains in jail on a total of $52,000 worth of bonds.