Cumby Trojans take to the road for playoffs

  • Trojans practice Wednesday at Gerald Prim Stadium
    Trojans practice Wednesday at Gerald Prim Stadium
  • Trojans practice Wednesday at Gerald Prim Stadium
    Trojans practice Wednesday at Gerald Prim Stadium

Dracos: Cumby offense “in a good position” vs. Grapeland


At Wednesday’s practice, Cumby Trojan football head coach Tom Dracos only had one thing on his mind: their upcoming Friday matchup with Grapeland. This is Cumby’s second year advancing to the playoffs, and Dracos hopes they can make it into round two-- and beyond. 

“I feel pretty good about it,” Dracos told the News-Telegram. “We’ve been talking all week about what it takes to win. It’s all about being tough and having heart. Our kids really care about each other in the locker room, and that’s what separates us from a lot of schools.” 

The close-knit group trounced Bowie last week with a 50-28 win that helped bolster their confidence. About the decisive win, Dracos only said coyly, “It was fun.” 

Making it past the second round is the prize Cumby has its eyes on. “We started working on this even last year when we lost the first round [of playoffs] and a lot of kids dedicated a lot of time,” Dracos said. 

“Grapeland’s a very different team than us,” Dracos admits. “They’re faster, but their quarterback is a lot like ours.” 

Cumby’s QB Cameron Scott, #8, a senior takes to the field with a strong arm. Dracos says Scott is “very fast and can make you miss.”

“We always say with Cameron if you put him in a ten-foot by ten-foot room, only a couple of our kids could touch him.” 

However, since Grapeland’s QB also has speed, it will be a test for the team defensively, Dracos says. Last week the team handily defeated Frost 63-14, and got past Frost's offensive line for a total of five sacks. Grapeland QB Keizion Ashford caught four passes for 203 yards and three TDs.

However, the Trojans offense are no slouches. In their game against Texas Wind, Cumby put up 52 points while the Waco team barely managed 6. Sophomore Jacob Demidio averages 180 yards

“Offensively we feel pretty good about what we’re doing,” Dracos commented.

Dracos said he believes the defense will consistently rally throughout the game with Grapeland. Captain #6 Colby Lindsey leads the team in tackles, while seniors Captain #77 Elijah Pachecka and #78 Elijah “Raisin” Matthews “are a force.” 

“The difference in our game is going to be how our offensive line and defensive line play,” Dracos said. 

Cumby has an 8-3 record and takes on Grapeland at 7 p.m. in Bullard.