JP courts to be postponed until May 1


Texas declared coronavirus emergency responsible, judges say


The justice of the peace courts of Hopkins County have postponed all proceedings until May 1 except for "essential proceedings," according to a decree from Judges Brad Cummings and BJ Teer. 

The Texas Supreme Court and Criminal Appeals Court of Texas have issued an emergency order that courts in any case must take action to avoid the risk of exposure to coronavirus, according to the decree.

As such, all those who have a case that is set for hearing or trial before the JP courts in Hopkins County before May 1, 2020 will have their dates reset for some time after May 1, 2020, the decree stated. Those who wish to speak to the JP office may do so by phone at 903-439-4036 for Precinct 2 or 903-438-4026 for Precinct 1. For any other questions, citizens may contact the JP main office at 903-438-4037.