Bright Star Cinemas now open

  • Warm popcorn
    Warm popcorn
  • Recliner seating
    Recliner seating
  • Floating screen
    Floating screen
  • Front lobby
    Front lobby

Completely renovated, company strives for “good deals”


Bright Star Cinemas is open for business, and the people of Hopkins County are excited to experience and updated movie experience. 

The theater features six state-of-the-art floating screens, and every theater contains luxury recliner seating with built-in trays and adjustable foot rests.

Films are presented in Dolby 6.1 surround sound, with closed captioning and descriptive movies available to patrons upon request. One theater also features 3D screenings. 

“Everything has been cleared out and redone,” public relations Beth Miska told the News-Telegram. The total overhaul of the facility cost Bright Star Cinemas approximately $4.5 million, Miska said. 

Miska said she hopes moviegoers will find the renovated theater clean and family-friendly. 

Looking much different is the main lobby, which not only boasts updated finishes, but also quick-select electronic kiosks for patrons who would like to skip the ticket lines. 

However, one does not need to come to the building to purchase a ticket. All tickets will be available online to buy, with the advantage of letting customers pick out their seats ahead of time, Miska said. Patrons can print out their movie tickets at home, or simply show their phone with proof of purchase at the doors. 

Miska’s favorite part? The dollar hot dogs. 

“Even though it’s an updated experience, we’re still trying to keep it budget friendly and run good deals,” she said. 

Ticket prices range from $4.59 for child, senior and matinee tickets, with adult and evening tickets costing $6.50. 

“Sulphur Springs is such a great area,” Bright Star Cinemas Chief Operating Officer Kathy Lee said. "We’re excited to join this community and look forward to unveiling our newly remodeled theatre…  I think the area’s residents will be very pleased with the results of our efforts.”