Cumby, C-P split grid games

Braden Porter (3) leads a gang of Trojans, in for a tackle against Detroit in recent non-district 52- 26 football win at Frazier-Lawrence Field in Cumby.

 It’s the final week of the regular season and both county schools have salty district foes on the schedule.


The  visiting Trojans don’t have to beat Era to make the playoffs, but they would like to build momentum in the final regular season district game.

Cumby and Era clash at 7:30 p.m. Friday at Frazier-Lawrence Field.

The Trojans roll into the game with a 4-5 mark overall, 2-1 in district. Cumby is coming off a 40-8 win at Tioga.

The Trojans have secured a playoff berth. They will take on either Detroit or Simms Bowie at 7 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 15, at Mount Pleasant.

Right now, the Trojans want to focus on the Era game.

“Things are going well. Our kids are focused and ready to earn the No. 2 seed. Everyone is healthy, and we are going to do everything we can to make a run this year,” said Tom Dracos, Cumby head football coach.

The Hornets are 6-3 on the year, 2-1 in district. They are trying to regroup after a 49-6 flattening by district champ and reigning state champion Muenster.

The Trojans are an 11-point pick over Era, according to the Harris Service.

“Era is a pound and ground team. They are wishbone and flexbone offense. Not a lot of passing but a big OL and a few strong running players. Their QB/Safety is a good one,” the coach said.

“They run a lot of man coverage with five down lineman and one to three linebackers. If we execute on offense well and make them earn it on defense, I think we will win. We have to play very sound to them, or they get you outnumbered and in a bind. If we win I will be talking about our offensive line and defense for sure. They will be challenged on Friday,” Dracos said.

When asked how he felt about Cumby being favored by 11 points Dracos said, “I would take that right now.”


This game features two teams playing a hard-nosed district game for the fun of it with playoff berths already secured.

The Eagles and Wolves kickoff Friday at 7:30 p.m. in the regular season finale for both.

Wolfe City posts a record of 8-1 and are coming off a 48-0 win over Quinlan Boles.

Como-Pickton fell to 1-2 in district with a tough, physical 28-23 home loss against Bogata Rivercrest.

“We had a tough game, but those kind of games get you ready for the playoffs. We know we could easily have been 3-0 in our last game, but we haven’t put it together. I think we will this week,” said Charles Swann, Como-Pickton head football coach.

In the loss to the Rebels, senior running back/defensive back Javard McGill was all over the gridiron and had a stellar game to remember.

McGill not only had 166 yards rushing and three touchdowns, but powered the Eagle defense with 14 tackles for the Como-Pickton squad.

“McGill had a great game. He is usually very good on offense; he played well on both sides against Rivercrest. He left it all on the field. He was exhausted after the game,” Swann said.

At 5-10, 205 pounds, McGill is hoping for a chance to play football at the next level, but right now, he leads the Eagles into another tough road battle.

“Wolfe City is the district champ. They will present some of the same problems Rivercrest did for us. They have some talented kids, and we must tackle well and eliminate our mistakes,” Swann said.

The Wolves have a potent team that has scored 328 points, while allowing just 82 points in nine games this season.

“We know what they do. They have a pretty good balanced attack. We played them well just losing by 2 points last season. They can score, and we have to keep them from taking control of the game,” Swann said.

“Wolfe City also knows what we do on offense. They have a 4-3 defense and at times go into a 5-3 stack with stunts. We have make the calls, pick up the stunts and be able to move the ball,” Swann said.

Both teams want to end the regular season with a win, even with playoff positions already determined.

“Wolfe City is the champion of our district. We will be the No. 4 seed, but we don’t mind. Every team in the playoffs is 0-0. We’re pretty excited just to get the chance,” Swann said.

The Eagles will meet Collinsville in the bi-district playoffs at 7:30 p.m, Thursday, Nov. 15 at Anna High School.

“Everybody at the school and in the community is excited. This is our first playoff game in 14 years. We want to win and make history,” Swann added.

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