Spence and Fisher may get duplexes

  • "Modern cabin" structure created by Kenny Dority company Bravo Custom Cabins/ Courtesy Bravo Custom Cabins
    "Modern cabin" structure created by Kenny Dority company Bravo Custom Cabins/ Courtesy Bravo Custom Cabins

Farmhouse/ cabin structures approved by Planning and Zoning


The Planning and Zoning Commission discussed the installation of 36 duplex homes on Spence and Fisher Streets at their Monday night meeting, among other items of business. 

After opening the meeting at 6 p.m., board president Chuck Sickles reviewed procedure with the board and those tuning in over Zoom. 

The board then unanimously approved their previous meeting minutes. 


The board then engaged in a public hearing to rezone approximately 10.84 acres located at Spence and Fisher Streets from heavy industrial to single family attached. 

“This down-zoning will allow residential dwellings to appear on the property,” community development director Tory Niewiadomski told the group. “At this time it is to construct duplex-style homes.” 

Of 40 letters sent out to nearby property owners, five were returned in favor of the rezoning and two were in opposition. No letters were undecided, and 33 were unreturned, Niewiadomski said. 

“The feedback we did receive… they felt that some of the neighborhood housing in the area is a slum,” Niewiadomski said. “They don’t want more homes built in the area until it’s cleaned up. There was also a comment about spot-zoning and how that would destroy their property values.”

“Investment and new construction can help revitalize and stimulate reinvestment,” Niewiadomski opined.

Property owner Kenny Dority of Paris described the proposed homes as “townhouse style, two-story.” 

“It’s going to be good construction that we do,” Dority said. “It’s not on the lower end that we do.” 

Board member Tommy Harrison asked how many square feet each unit would have, and Dority said approximately 1000. He further described their style as both modern farmhouse and modern cabin. 

Plans show nine plots with access to Spence Street and a planned through street through the middle of the property giving access to the additional 27 lots, Dority said. The total property investment is around $8 million, Dougherty stated. 

“I would really think it would bring the property value up,” he said. 

Philip Anderson, a neighbor of the property, appeared during the citizen comments to “talk about what’s wrong.” 

“I’ve been a neighbor of this area for about 30 years,” Anderson said. “I bought this area due to what I believed would be the resale value… I heard commercial here in town is always a plus when you try to sell it… but single units right next to it, I don’t know if I can sell it ten years from now to get the money I need for my retirement.” 

“I don’t really like the change,” Anderson stated. 

With no further discussion, the application was unanimously approved.