Skills Camp now open for student registration


The Hopkins County Community Health/Wellness Alliance has offered “Kids’ Camp: Fun, Food, Fitness” for 10 years; however, due to COVID-19 and the large number of campers and staff involved, the camp was cancelled for 2020. I have been providing weekly programs for the Sulphur Springs ISD Summer Camp, which reaches approximately 10-15 kids with each lesson. We emphasize social distancing and frequent hand-washing, and so far, the students seem to be enjoying the experience.

Another camp the Alliance sponsors is Skills Camp. This camp is designed for students who have just completed grades 5 and 6 (going into grades 6 and 7 in the fall). The good news is that this camp will take place but not in the usual format. We will provide project kits for each of the days that the camp would normally take place. The kits may be picked up all at once or a few at a time. Below is a summary of what the kits will contain:

• Day #1: STEM — We have a couple of really fantastic projects dealing with science, technology, engineering and math. Most items, along with instructions for completing the projects will be included in the kit.

• Day #2: Upcycling — This will be a fun project! We’ll provide supplies for two projects, along with instructions.

• Day #3: Fun with Money — Alliance Bank is partnering with us on this project, and the kit will include a hands-on project to complete.

• Day #4: Woodworking — This project has been a favorite since the very first Skills Camp! We’ll include a project to build, along with instructions.

• Day #5: Leatherwork — My co-worker, Mario Villarino, is working on assembling these kits. Supplies, instructions and more will be included!

Each kit will also include a Daily Life Skills Challenge. These will be easy-to-do challenges that everybody — adults, teens, older children — should know how to do. They are all skills that will be useful in everyday life but are often overlooked.

Another item in each kit will be a Super Summer Salad recipe. Wendy Johnson, Hopkins County Master Wellness volunteer, provided recipes that are simple yet refreshing for summertime. These will be simple, nutritious and delicious recipes that can be made either by the student or with the help of an adult. You’ll learn to read a recipe, measure ingredients and follow the steps in completing the dish.

And that’s not all! Each kit will contain a daily surprise. It might be an item related to the project, or it might be just because.

So, how do you register? Here’s what you need to do:

• Be sure you are the appropriate grade (going into grades 6 or 7)

• Call the Hopkins County Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office at 903-885-3443

• Leave your name, address and phone number (grade would be helpful) • Deadline to register is Wednesday, July 15.

• We’ll contact you with information on when to pick up the project kits.

There is no charge for the camp this year; however, we must limit registration to the first 14 participants due to the cost of supplies. This camp was originally designed for Sulphur Springs students, but call anyway. If we don’t fill our quota, we will open it to others in the county.


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