Saltillo ISD to resume in-person instruction

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Saltillo ISD will no longer be providing online learning options, according to a release from the school. 

Saltillo ISD Superintendent David Stickels announced Sept. 9 the district will no longer offer online learning options. However, for students confirmed to have COVID-19 or quarantined because of close contact, the online learning system will still be used. 

“Please understand you as a parent have the right to decide the educational option for your child,” Stickels said in the release. “Saltillo ISD remains fully committed to health and safety protocols.” 

The district requests that students now return to campus Nov. 9 as this will be the last day of online learning. The district further said families who do not wish to return their students to face-to-face instruction could transfer to a district that takes online students, engage in homeschooling, or enroll in an online school.

Como-Pickton CISD was the first in Hopkins County to make this decision, transitioning back to all in-person learning Oct. 12. Rains ISD in Emory just south of Hopkins County transitioned from online learning to face-to-face Sept. 24. 

However, two members of Saltillo ISD will not be returning immediately, as one staff member present on campus Oct. 8 had a returned positive COVID-19 diagnosis and will quarantine for 14 days to ensure they do not have the virus, according to a release from the school. 

"Our cases are low, and some remote learners are struggling,” Stickels said. “A lot of the students did what they had to do, and we commend them, but there’s nothing like seeing each other in person.”