Miller Grove ISD posts school return plan


Masks a requirement for time being

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Miller Grove ISD

Masks, hand sanitizer and staggered dismissals will be the new normal at Miller Grove ISD campus, according to the recently released plan posted on the district’s website detailing steps to mitigate COVID-19 spread.

“As a school district, Miller Grove ISD looks forward to welcoming students back to school Aug. 13,” the plan read. “Despite the challenges with COVID-19, our district will continue to provide an excellent education to our students, which will include both in-person and remote learning environments.”

Both remote and face-to-face instruction will be available for students, and for face-to-face instruction, instruction should be transferable to remote in the event of a school closure. For remote learning, instruction will be provided through Google Classroom. Asynchronous, or not simultaneous, remote learning will be the only option available to second grade and lower, and virtual remote instruction will be available to higher grades.

For on-campus learning, staff, students and visitors will have to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and should not enter the campus if they exhibit fever, shortness of breath, chills or other symptoms. Also, if someone has been in close contact with a individual confirmed to have COVID-19, they are barred from the campus as well.

If a student is found to be ill while on-campus, the district advises the student should be picked up within 30 minutes to an hour, and areas where the ill student has been will be disinfected. Students and staff who have exhibited symptoms will be allowed back if three days have passed without fever, their symptoms improve or when 10 days have passed since symptoms began.

To comply with the governor’s current mandate, the district requires students fourth grade and up to wear face coverings during school hours. This requirement is subject to change, and lower grades will have the option to wear a face covering. All staff is required to wear a mask. Individual needs related to face coverings will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. A single reusable face covering will be provided.

For visitors, parents are discouraged from entering the campus and will not be allowed past the front office, and visitors not serving in an academic or career function are not allowed into the campus.

Sanitation measures include hand sanitizer readily available and regular classroom and restroom cleanings.

For arrivals, the building will not be open until 7:30 a.m. with the exception of athletic practice, and students will go to their designated areas set by each campus. Dismissals will be staggered by walkers, car riders or grade level. On buses, all drivers and students will be required to wear masks, and the vehicles will be disinfected after routes.