Major crimes hit all-time low


Offenses down across all categories, police say

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By Todd Kleiboer


Records compiled by Sulphur Springs Police Department’s special crimes unit covering the seven major crimes shows an all-time low in those categories.

The largest category of major crime was theft over $200, which saw 79 incidences in 2019. The second largest category of major crime in 2019 was motor vehicle theft with 31 incidences.

The lowest categories for major crimes were robberies, sexual assaults and homicides, with 6, 5 and zero, respectively.

Overall, total crimes decreased by 4% in 2019 and have come down 64.8% since 2010.

Figures do not include thefts less than $200, simple assault, vandalism, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, drug offenses and crimes that occur outside the city limits.