County Records - Nov. 23, 2019



Charles Ferrell, Steve Ferrell, Rose Mary Field-en and Patty Williams to Jackey Ferrell; tract in the Charles Thompson survey

Bobby Wayne King and Edna King to Leslie King Towne; tract in the Jasper County School Land survey

Sandra D. Wright also known as Sandra Darrellene Wright to Jack R. Reeves Jr. and Lynnette H. Reeves; tract in the A. W. Waller survey

Billy Wayne Bassham Jr., Franklin Brett Bassham, Stacy Ann McMinn and Michael Scott Steele to Elmo Murphy Lee and Kathy Mitchell Lee; tract in the Santos Coy survey

Dale McMahan and Sherri McMahan to Cassidy Ann Cameron and Justin Doyle Cameron; tract in the J. Santos Coy survey

Gary Blake Johnson and Lindsey Huffman Johnson to Ross and Johnson Real Estate LLC; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey

ADJ Minerals LTD to Jane A. Johnson Family LLC and Mirabile Minerals LP; tract location not found

Grant Bible and Lucille Bible to Anthony E. Bible and Rhonda Drachenberg; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Texas Ranchitos LLC to Jesus Castaneda Servin; tract in the Jeremiah Ward survey

Donna Morgan and Jon Morgan to James Ethan Davenport; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Clifton Lee Elmore, deceased, and Floy May Elmore, deceased, to Dan Elmore, Joe Elmore, Ray Elmore, Nell Fleming, Mickie Lunceford and Kay Williams; tract location not found

Rachel Kuzhuvelil and Varghese Kuzhuvelil to Jayamole K. Cherian and Jancy Rajan; tract in the A. J. Butts survey

Eugene H. Lucas also known as Eugene H. Lucas Jr. to Everett Jennings; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey

Belinda Ann Dickey to Arvis Tanton and Sheila Tanton; tract in the Hugh Curlin survey

Amy W. McLeroy and Jim D. McLeroy to McLeroy Building LLC; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Judith Judy G. Grissom, Judith Judy G. Gris-son Independent Executo and Ronald Dean Grisson Estate to Howard Todd Foltz and Tracy Lyn Foltz; tract in the Antonio Lazarin survey

David L. Morris and Deborah J. Morris to Gustavo A. Gomez; tract in the Elizabeth Melton survey

Linda L. Deas to Alon Webb Riera and Kristal Riera; tract in the Willis Chambers survey

Gary Odom and Patricia Chapman Odom to Debora S. Berry and Roger Earl Berry; tract in the Jose Ybarbo survey

Abbey E. Roper and Daniel P. Roper III to Grover L. Davis and Linda L. Davis; tract in the Santos Coy survey

Edgar Sanchez, Heriberto Sanchez, Jose Sanchez, Mariana Sanchez and Mercedes Sanchez to Leonel Sanchez; tract in the Levi Landers survey

First United Methodist Church of Sulphur Springs to Chelsea L. DeLorge and Jeremy R. DeLorge; tract in the Nacogdoches University survey

Ralph Nolan Doss to Amber Lee Lowe and Brian Christopher Lowe; tract in the Santos Coy survey

Patsy Ruth Allen to Cleta Allen; tract in the John reed survey

Andy Newsome and Beryl Newsome to James B. Jumper Jr. and Valerie K. Jumper; tract in the William Hoosier survey

Gary Lewis and Rachel Lewis to Javier Estrada Lopez; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Gary Lewis and Rachel Lewis to Daniel Lopez and Javier Estrada Lopez; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Carolyn Lawson and Randy Millsap to Kason Childress; tract in the Tate Addition.

Vivian Dennis-Monzingo Independent Executor and Montie Gene Monzingo Estate to Vivian Dennis-Monzingo; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Mary Casey to Lisa Lashawn Hawkins; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey

Carol Overstreet and Don Carson Overstreet to Charles Sickles and Tracie Sickles; tract in the J. Ybarbo survey

Robert Rios and Veronica Rios to Francisco Javier Davila Ibarra and Maria D. Davila Ibarra; tract in the Davidson Addition

Stefanie Petty to Dewey Ramsey and Sandy Ramsey; tract in the Daniel Halbrook Western survey

Steven C. Childress to Bridgette Childress; tract in the William P. Smith survey

James Paul McPhearson and Sue McPhearson to Jose Cruz Mejia Mendez; tract in the J. Ybarbo survey

James Ross Jr. and Tonya Miller Ross to Brent Price McClendon and Lacey DeAnn McClendon; tract in the W. Jewell survey

Clayton Homes #136 doing business as CMH Homes Inc. to Kevin Williard; tract in the James Lee survey

Brittney Yager and Tana Yager to Angela Raney and Matt Raney; tract in the Flanagan Hastings survey


Darrell John Millard and Shelbe Suzette Thomas

Rodney Alan Herron and Sandra Kay Herron


Jason Ray Bailey and Jennifer Ann Bailey

Cynthia Ann Choate and Russell Brian Choate

Velma Jo Layton and Ronald Ray Layton

Henry Anthony Rodriguez and Sarah Elizabeth Rodriguez

Jaime Sanchez and Liliana Castorena Sanchez

Lurdes Vazquez and Kristopher Vazquez Gonzalez