County Records for May 16, 2020



Steven Kent Renshaw to Kimberly Jan Kenshaw; tract in the J. Darnell survey

Kathy Elaine Geoghegan and Thomas Geoghegan Thomas to Kimberly Jan Renshaw; tract in the J. Darnell survey

Kimberly Jan Renshaw and John Wesley Wauson to Gary Blake Johnson and Lindsey Johnson; tract in the J. Darnell survey

Scotty Reed and Darla Reed to Kenneth Baxter and Samantha Baxter; tract in the W. Jewell survey

Charles R. Grant, also known as Charles R. Grant Jr., to Charles R. Grant and Lesley A. Grant; tract in the Joseph A. Simmons survey

James Lee Brown and Angia Lea Brown to Jessie Kay Brown and Kyle Seale; tract location not found

BPR Properties to Heath A. Singleton; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey

Pennie Grantham, formerly known as Pennie Rankin, and Charlie Grantham to Dalton T. Curry; tract in the M. W. Matthews survey

Top Source Property Investors LLC, Donald R. Libby and Jessica Libby to Emalee McMillan; tract in the Mary Ann Bowlin survey


Jeremy Lynn Goldsmith and Brittney Chenille Hicks

Jonathon Ryan Swindell and Miranda Lee Hodges

Brady Joe Romans and Julia Lynn Griffith