County Records for June 27, 2020



Where a specific tract is not mentioned, a survey was not found for the deed.

Linda Joyce Owens to Brenda Kay Harper

Linda Joyce Owens to Linda Joyce Owens

Texas Ranchitos LLC to Alda Celenia Sanchez Ulloa

Texas Ranchitos LLC to Alda Celenia Sanchez Ulloa

Texas Ranchitos LLC to Hugo Alexander Hernandez Urrutia

Donald Ray Wilson to Roerto Rivera

Zella H. White to Kason Childress

Debra Odom Tanton to Eloim Gonzalez

David W. Taylor to Travis Clayton Taylor

Kelly Stubbs to Heith Stubbs

Virginia Roselee Miller to Jackie Randall Price

Johna Burchfield to Claudia Gamez

Mary Martin Boles to Jeff Timko

Bryan Patterson to Ian K. Wilton

Rena Hale to Laci Moreland

Bryan Patterson to Harlan Patterson

Lareda Tidwell to George Thompson Robinson III

Ronnie Nix to Jeremy House

Jeremy Slade Price to Ronald K. Nix

Brian Chace Bass to Jennifer Mays Cooper

Kris Childress to Michael G. Dennis


Medellin Fabiola Castro and Rodriguez Carlos Briones

Nicolas Ramirez Martinez and Pamela Gail Daniels

Price Orwosky and Madison Leigh Holmes

Melvin Jerome Jackson and Marsha Evonne Jackson

Jimmy Cole Daniel and Megan Allyssa Smith

Austin David Read and Megan Nichole Burgess

Chase Lee Richey and Courtney Lynn Ogle