County Records for Dec. 14, 2019



Sheila Marie Askins and Autry Wyman Darden to Melissa Gay Fouse; tract in the James Sh. Starr survey

Angela Lee and David Lee to Brad Megert; tract in the G. W. Downing survey

Michael E. Elliott and Pamela Sue Elliott to Joshua R. Weatheread and Kandi L. Weatheread; tract in the Alexander Park survey

Barbara Palacios and Miguel Palacios to Lyndie Mshell Palacios and Miguel Palacios Jr.; tract in the J. Ybarbo survey

Luminant Generation Company LLC and Luminant Mining Company LLC to City of Sulphur Springs; tract in the multiple surveys

David Banks also known as David G. Banks and Janet Banks to Carolyn Larson and Robert Larson; tract in the S. Waggoner survey

Rogers Living Trust, Marcia J. Rogers Attorney, Marcia J. Rogers Trustee and Neil E. Rogers to Marcia J. Rogers and Neil E. Rogers; tract in the Thomas Lee survey

Mr. Cooper doing business as Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Veteran Affairs; tract in the Francis Wilson survey

Anabiya Business Inc. to SJK Petroleum Inc.; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Barbara Williams and Lindell Williams to 1WRD LLC; tract in the city of Sulphur Springs

Linda Rosamond and William E. Rosamond to Ninja Investments LLC; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Martha Helfferich Independent Executor and Oleta M. Houston Estate to Song Che and Lijuan Tang; tract in the Levi P. Dikes survey

Billy Wayne Mobley and Linda Mobley to Casi Mobley and Thomas Mobley; tract in the Robert E. Bailey survey

Hugh Dot Kelly to Caroline Session; tract in the M. A. Bowlin survey

Elizabeth Spencer Morgan also known as Elizabeth Spencer and Kenneth Morgan to Everett Jennings; tract in the Beezley Addition

Diana B. Charles and Rafael S. Gutierrez to Jose Piedad Gutierrez and Raquel S. Gutierrez; tract in the Levi P. Dikes survey

James Skaggs and Vera Skaggs to Andy Lee Simpson Sr; tract in the W. H. Moses survey

Felicia Williams and Michael Williams to James McDowell and Pamela Mc-Dowell; tract in the John F. Keller survey


Hal Devin Lorance and Kami Nicole Boatright

Brian Christopher Irby and Yesenia Diosado

Jesse James Bridges and Anna Lethia Ferguson