County offices closing to public due to Dallas influx


Appointment-only services available for Hopkins County residents


After experiencing problems with non-county residents driving in from other counties and attempting to use services, county judge Robert Newsom has made a decision to close county lobbies to the public, according to a press release. 

"With the ever-changing state of affairs that we are facing, Hopkins County officials have deliberated in hopes to soothe the ever growing fears of the citizens of this county," Newsom stated. "Beginning March 23, 2020, all Hopkins County offices will be open by appointment only and for county residents only."

"To be very clear, the county is not shutting down or closing the offices." Newsom said. "County business will continue as usual and county officials will continue to work diligently to assure that access to each respective office is available."

This was done to reduce the amount of traffic in and out of each office, and to reduce the threat of exposure of the COVID-19 virus, Newsom stated. Each office of the county will be open only by appointment.

"This is a decision that is not made in haste, but is made with careful consideration while remaining proactive to defeat an ever growing threat," Newsom said. "We're having a growing segment of people from other counties... that are coming to us from Dallas for marriage certificates and other counties. We want to protect Hopkins County."

Officials will ask for proof of residence to ensure those in county buildings originate from Hopkins County. This will remain in effect until April 3. 

A temporary extension has been allowed concerning the late fees and penalties associated with Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Titling and Vehicle Parking Placards. For more information, contact the Hopkins County Tax Assessor-Collector office.

Hopkins County officials ask that if anyone needs to utilize any of the Hopkins County public offices, please contact that office prior to arriving in person. Please call, email or make an appointment with the desired office to clarify any questions that you may have, Newsom asks.

For more information, visit to obtain contact information and paperwork. 

"As much as possible, we encourage people to do things online and in the mail so they have as little contact with people as possible," Newsom stated.