County declines to accept JB Weld tax break


The county will not extend a tax reduction to company JB Weld, per a Monday decision by the commissioner’s court. 

As a part of the regular August 10 agenda, the Hopkins County commissioner’s court considered a modified 381 agreement between the county and JB Weld. The 381 agreement would allow the county to reduce JB Weld’s county taxes for ten years, according to county judge Robert Newsom. 

Formerly headquartered out of Sulphur Springs, the company is now based in Hopkins County, but headquartered out of Marietta, Georgia, according to the Federal Trade Commission. 

“It is so that they wouldn’t have to pay taxes, but there is some concern I would express,” Newsom said. “We had a meeting... with the owner of the company… JB Weld was traditionally a Hopkins County and Sulphur Springs business that was bought out a few years.” 

According to Newsom, the new Georgia-based owner “sent in something last December, allegedly,” regarding tax abatement status, but Newsom stated he believed the county did not receive such paperwork at that time. 

“In May or June or July they started to reach out, I guess when they received their tax bill,” Newsom stated. 

There was no further discussion from the commissioners. No motion was made to approve the agreement, and the agenda item died for lack of a motion. 

Newsom stated in open court JB Weld approached The City of Sulphur Springs with a similar request.  The City of Sulphur Springs would not confirm or deny that their August 3 executive session regarding business development contained a similar proposal from JB Weld. No action was taken as a result of the city's executive session.