2 end-of-year sales planned


The Northeast Texas Beef Improvement Organization (NETBIO) will hold two preconditioned cattle sales at the Sulphur Springs Livestock Commission Auction Market between now and Nov. 18.

The first of the two upcoming sales will be the anniversary sale on Nov. 18 and a newly added sale on Dec. 16. All of the NETBIO sales begin at 1 p.m.

“Due to the time, space and well-being of the cattle, we have closed the consignment books on the November sale,” said NETBIO board member and Livestock Auction co-owner Joe Don Pogue. “After having to close the books on the November sale, we felt that in order to accommodate our producers and give them an opportunity to market their cattle before the end of the year, so we added the December sale.”

To register cattle and get ear tags for the December sale, call 903-885-2455, visit their website at sslivestock auctions.com, or go by the Livestock Auction offce.

NETBIO’s November anniversary sale will mark the beginning of the 22nd year for this preconditioned cattle producer organization.

The NETBIO auctions are broadcast on the internet, and the Sulphur Springs Livestock Auction will be accepting bids at https://lmaauctions.com/.Internet buyers should register in advance in order to bid.

Due to COVID-19 guidelines that restrict large gatherings, Sulphur Springs Livestock Auction has arranged the auditorium so that attendees are seated 6 feet apart. This restricts seating and those seats will be reserved for buyers. Buyers are asked not to bring extra people with them to the auction. Sellers are encouraged to watch the sale online.

Buyers planning to purchase cattle online should contact the Sulphur Springs Livestock Auction offce prior to the day of the sale to register as an internet buyer. The cafe will be open.

For more information, call the Sulphur Springs Livestock offce at 903-885-2455 or visit their website at www.sslivestockauctions.com.