City Manager Marc Maxwell has accepted a bid of more than the $150,000 he wanted for land on County Road 4738. The money from the sale will fund improvements to Pacific Park.

The winning bid for the land was $170,777 from Roger Roulette. The city has owned the land since the 1980s.

At a special October meeting, Maxwell said a neighbor to the site had asked about the site’s availability. At the same time, he said, members of the East End Alliance had talked about concerns at Pacific Park.

“What I would like to do is sell this park and pay for two things,” Maxwell said at the time. “One is to pay Mark Spencer $30,000 to do a parks and open space master plan. This would allow us to apply for Texas Parks and Wildlife grants.”

Maxwell said having a master plan would greatly increase the likelihood of being awarded such a grant.

“What I would like to do with the rest of the money is pay for a new Grays building at Pacific Park,” he said.

The bid of $170,777 fell in the middle of Maxwell’s estimated range of $150,000 to $200,000 of the land's value.

In other items on its agenda, the council approved one item related to Thermo Mine to expand the city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction area to include the site.

“All we’re doing is expanding the ETJ to exactly follow the dimensions of the coal mine that is owned by Luminant,” McLeroy said. “We agreed to do this when we signed the development agreement.”

McLeroy said that Luminant had asked for the expansion. He said this would ensure that there could be no outside legal issues that might derail the development agreement. A city’s extraterritorial jurisdiction is, per state law, an area outside its city limits where the city can control development and growth.

The city and Luminant approved a development agreement for the site at a special council meeting last month. The city will eventually acquire the 4,901 acres of the old coal mine after completing several actions.

Next, the council considered a bid for new police vehicles.

Texas Country Ford of Winnsboro offered the lowest bid, according to Director of Public Safety Jay Sanders. Also, Sanders said that Sulphur Springs Dodge and Jay Hodge Chevrolet met all bid specifications.

The police department will be acquiring three new Ford Explorers.

Director of Planning Tory Niewiadomski said the city had bids for water and sewer materials for its Sunset Street improvement projects. He said that one set of items would have to be rebid, because they did not meet all federal bidding requirements.

In other items, the council approved bids for several street projects on which they did not vote in their October meeting.

The council also approved the second reading of an ordinance for zoning approximately 10 acres north of Wildcat Way as Light Commercial.

City Attorney Jim McLeroy said that he expected the city’s Charter Review Commission would be ready to present its suggested revisions to the city’s governing document at the regular December meeting of the city council.

He then told the public that the 30th annual law enforcement appreciation dinner would be Jan. 11, 2019.

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