Hopkins County United Way had achieved nearly 50 percent of its 2018-19 campaign goal. Campaign workers over the last week collected another $28,243.38 in campaign pledges and donations from local businesses and groups, for a total of $77,801.58 of the overall $165,000 goal reached as of the fourth weekly report meeting Tuesday morning.

“We’re almost halfway thee. We’ve got to finish strong. Halfway is great. It’s the other half is make or break for us, so let’s keep after it. Encourage those who still have packets outstanding to pick those up as fast as we can if they are ready. I know our lists seem pretty short based on what everybody said. Everybody’s just got one or two that seem outstanding. If you’re having trouble picking them up, let them know that they can lean on other people. We’ll help out,” HCUW Campaign Chairman Mike Jumper said.

“This is our highest pledge total for report meetings so far this year. That brings us to a grand total to date of $77,801.58. We are so very grateful for each and every donation. Our campaign volunteers and workplace volunteers are doing an outstanding job reaching out to those in our community,” HCUW Executive Secretary Susan Berning said.

Some businesses were recognized as contributing for the first time. Some also offer corporate matches or contributions or other opportunities.

Wayne Cooper, the Magic Scoop and Lone Star Bail Bond are among new contributors this year.

Red River Credit Union opened a new location on Gilmer Street this year. In the past, donations collected for United Way went only to the Texarkana area campaign.

“Third quarter, and then we should be receiving the money fourth quarter from our local Red River location here. They have worked out something so that those donations that usually go to Texarkana are coming to us, so we received that third quarter from them. But they are just now starting their United Way campaign, so we will not know anything from them until the first part of December. But that’s OK,” Berning said.

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Hospital-Sulphur Springs’ packet is still out, but it was noted this year, CHRISTUS is providing a 100 percent corporate match for any employee contributions.

“So, that could be a game changer. We are very, very appreciative,” Berning reported.

Numerous otherss reported industries continue to generously support HCUW by either meeting or exceeding the goal set for that business.

Markeda Fisher reported Tully Insurance “gave way more than their goal.”

Charlotte Henderson turned in donations collected from Super Handy. She reported the offices and each store exceeded their goals.

Beth Wisenbaker turned in contributions for various county offices.

“A lot of them exceeded their goals. Some of them came in a little under, but that’s OK. We are excited they participated. ... I want to give a special shout out to the Civic Center. Adam, I’ve got to tell you, I want to brag on them. When I first started this a few years back, it was slim to none. This year, their goal was $331, and they hit it $559. That says a lot toward the staff,” Wisenbaker said. “I also want to brag on the sheriff’s department. Lewis is doing a good job out there.”

HCUW President Adam Teer reported Lions Club met the goal.

Brandon Williams reported Rotary Club exceeded the goal and Cumby Junior High and High School would be contributing about $700, and

additional contributions are anticipated from Cumby Elementary campus.

Rusty Harden reported the deadline set for Sulphur Springs ISD personnel to contribute has been extended, giving staff an opportunity either at the first of the month or this payday to contribute. As of Tuesday, SSISD had pledged $6,800. He anticipates SSISD staff will come through on payday to reach and exceed the goal. One thing SSISD does as an incentive to give is to offer jeans days at the end of the campaign. Both he and the superintendent sent reminders to staff regarding the campaign.

“We have a donation from a couple of employees out at Miller Grove school. So we are grateful for their participation. I don’t know that they participated last year, so we are grateful for this,” Berning said.

Sulphur Springs Dodge exceeded the goal, with nearly 200 percent raised.

Following a recent presentation to staff, Grocery Supply Co. pledged $13,161. Corporate contributed $2,500, and $10,661 was pledged by GCS employees.

“If y’all come across anyone who works out there, please just mention to them how much we appreciate their support. I really enjoyed giving that speech out there. They were very receptive to it,” Jumper said.

Guaranty Bank and Trust contributed a total of $1,665. Corporate met the $645 goal, and employees contributed another $1,020, Williams reported.

Schlotzsky’s exceeded the $165 goal, contributing $200, Tim Glenn said.

Also among the businesses reported Tuesday for exceeding the goal were Tire Town, Juan Pablo’s, and Commercial Glass and Mirror.

Jumper and HCUW Executive Secretary Susan Berning reported several large industries were still tallying donations. Among some that are typically larger contributors that still have packets out are Ocean Spray, Flowserve, Atmos, Saputo, City National Bank and Clayton Homes.

A few campaign workers reported at least one business that had contributed in the past this year won’t be doing so.

“That’s one thing I’ve come up against a little bit. There’s at least one person on my list that has historically participated in the past, is under new ownership and has decided they’re just not going to participate. You never know what’s going on with someone’s business. You never know where they are financially, and just kind of keep that in mind. Make sure you ask them, ‘Hey, can we leave your name on the list for next year? Can we come back and visit with y’all next year?’ Don’t cut them off. They may be in a different position next year,” Jumper encouraged.

The campaign chairman also reminded workers that Panda Express will beholding a Give Back event, donating 20 percent of event day sales to HCUW made by customers showing a HCUW paper or digital flyer at the time of purchase. The Shannon Road business scheduled Give Back event is from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 25.

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