Cumby Independent School District joins four others in Hopkins County that have officially started their own police force. Sulphur Springs, Saltillo and Como-Pickton school districts have had ISD police for a few years. Both Cumby ISD and Miller Grove ISD applied to Texas Commission on Law Enforcement over the summer to establish a recognized police department. Both districts recently received notification that their applications had been accepted.

In the meantime, Cumby ISD hired Tony Crouse as a school security advisor, pending approval from TCOLE of the license, while Miller Grove ISD hired Jim “B.J.” Bayuk as school security consultant. Bayuk was officially sworn in as MGISD Police chief during the October board of trustees meeting.

Both districts recently received letters from the state granting their application.

“We are technically an official PD. We are so excited,” said Cumby ISD Superintendent Shelly Slaughter. “Tony Crouse is now our chief of police. We did not have a ceremony. We are official, and his actual chief training will be in February; however, he does have the title.”

Crouse brings 20 years’ experience in law enforcement to the job.

He started at Hopkins County Sheriff’s Office as a jailer and, after obtaining his peace officer’s license, became a patrol deputy. Most of his career was with HCSO, where he worked his way up to an officer’s position. He was selected to be part of the Sulphur Springs-Hopkins County Special Crimes Unit, serving as a sergeant investigator until 2017.

He worked as a patrol officer for Winnsboro Police Department from 2017 to August 2018, when he accepted the position as school security advisor.


Faith Huffman is a member of the news team at the Sulphur Springs News-Telegram and covers education, crime and events. She can be reached at 903-885-8663 or by emailing

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